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  • My wife had to go to the ER Tues because she was hemmoraging. They say she had a molar preganancy. She is to be released today. Please pray for her health and our walk with the Lord.
    Paul Wyatt - Sep 02 2010
  • Please pray for relief for me. I have been suffering with severe pain for the past year that has kept me from being able to do even the smallest things. Sitting is a real problem for me. I have a pinched nerve and torn disc and they can't seem to relieve the pain. I am looking at possible surgery but the outcome could be worse than what I am going thru now according to my doctor. Please pray the doctors can find a way to relieve my pain. I can relate to Twila; please keep us both in your prayers.
    Judy Burnett - Feb 19 2010
  • Twila is suffering with a tumor on her left sinus and a problem with the right one. She is going to the doctor this week Feb 22 and onward (not sure of date) please pray there is a solution for her. She has been suffering with many different problems over the past many years. I think of her as the woman with the issue of blood. Please pray for her recovery under the blood of Jesus.
    Twila Shipley - Feb 19 2010
  • My wife is running from the Lord; I feel of anti-christ; God too. Her morals are becoming unbearable. In which what should I do? Last night, Friday, September 18, 2009 during the start of sabbath; my wife wanted to discuss about business pretaining to our lives. But I expressed to her that right now is the Lord's time. I pray for her to learn as she follows a different faith. But she does not practice!
    Paul Wyatt - Sep 19 2009
  • Please pray with me that our Lord will provide a means for my husband to find work that would not demand he work the Sabbath. He has been a truck driver for several yrs. when he told his employer that he no longer would work past sundown on Fridays, they laid him off. My two jobs ar not enough to pay the mortage and utilities. I am obediant to my tithes and ask for your special prayers. I know that the Lord is working mightely in our behalf and through your prayers and Gods Promises, we will have victorey. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless and keep all safe from harm and evil. AMEN
    Robbin Crane - May 23 2009